Checklist : “Beauty Trip” Pre-Ops & Post-Ops Care

Travelling to overseas for cosmetic/plastic surgeries, have been becoming more and more common in recent years. I’ve done all my procedures all in overseas (eg: Thailand, Indonesia and Korea. plastic-surgery-diva-12350369

During my blogging journey, I’ve received lots of email queries on all sort of questions with regards to overseas surgeries. The few most common questions that my readers normally asked:

♥Which surgeon do you recommend? Is the surgeon experience? Is it safe?

♥Which airlines you takes, how much?

♥Which hotel to stay, how you book? How much? Which part?

♥How much you spend on the surgery?

♥Can I get discount if I quote your name?

♥What do I need to prepare for pre-ops and post-ops care?


To be honest, the emails that I received daily is really a lot. Do pardon me if I missed your mail, and if you feel offended like “someone” who I don’t know who got so pissed off and wrote a nasty mail back to me. *ROLL EYES*

Since I’m not able to reply all emails, I’ll answer here. :)

1 question which I always receive

“What do I need to prepare for pre-ops and post-ops care?”

This question have been asked many many times, which I think it’s somehow rather useful for people who are still very new to cosmetic/plastic surgeries. Especially, if you are travelling to overseas, cox not all things are available in the particular country.

Medication (De-Swelling)


When I just started, I’m as “kiasu” as everyone wanting to buy the best recommended post-ops medication to help speed up the downtime.

“Sinecch” this medication I believe everyone here should be familiar with. This is a medication for post and pre-ops, helping in reducing post-ops bruises and swelling.

I bought this medication for my first nose job to Hatyai.


“Sinecch” is taken starting from 24hrs before surgery, all the way through to post-ops day 4. During that time I have very little bruises, but I’m not sure if it’s “Sinecch” that works or?

You can buy “Sinecch” from a few sources, from my knowledge most Singaporean get it from a 3rd party who have ready stock in Singapore.



You can buy from , it’s  recognised site which they sell post-ops medications and products.yunnan-baiyao-capsules

Alternative, you can get another medication called “云南白药” in capsules. You can get this from any Chinese medical hall, it cost only SGD 5-6. Which is really very cheap compared to Sinecch, which cost more than SGD 50.

My guest blogger “JJ”, she have been taking this for all her surgeries including her cheekbone reduction. According to her experience, it’s works very well for her and even better than Sinecch.

Ice/Hot pack (Reduce Swelling & Bruising)

eye ice pack

This is a must! Most of the post-ops swelling occurs in the 48 hours after surgery, freeze the ice pack in freezer, and use it for the first 3 days to reduce swelling.

Most people didn’t actually know that, on the 4th day hot pack need to be used instead of ice pack. As hot pack can reduce the bruising. You can actually dip your pack into hot water, to treat your face with hot pack.

There are many ice pack out there, I would recommend just get the ice pack for eyes. It doesn’t matter you are having a nose, eyes or which part of your face. Cox the size of the eye’s ice pack is smaller in size, and easier for you to use it on any part of your face.

eye packRecently, I have a friend who intro the above pack. I’m not sure how good this is, maybe you can go and try and let me know. Heez ^^

Support Pillow (For nose surgery)support pillow

This is a must to those who have problem sleeping upright after surgery. For nose surgery, our sleeping position is very important. The implant in our nose have yet to settle in, any movement will cause it to shift.

When I had m 1st nose job 2 years ago, I did not use support pillow. My nose ended up slightly slanted to a side, which I felt everyone should really take note when you have nose surgery.

Compression Garment (For Liposuction)

compression garmentCompression garments is definitely a must to purchase, if you are having liposuction procedures. It’s important to wear it for the first week, to prevent fluid shift and imbalance.

To be honest, a good compression garment really costs a lot. Wearing compression garment can be rather uncomfortable, especially for weather like Singapore. It’s almost impossible to wear it for a month, it’s really waste of money. I would suggest you to buy from Gmarket, no need to be very expensive as long as the material is tight enough.


Of cox, what I listed above may not be a complete lists of what you think you should prepare. Honestly, now I don’t prepare anything at all not even eye pack. Especially, if you are travelling to Korea for procedures. You can totally rest assured, just bring yourself that’s good enough. Most clinics would have prepared everything for you except support pillow. They have ice pack, de swelling medication (although it’s not sinecch, but it’s works too!), and whatever you need for basic cleaning of wound daily.

Takes pumpkins or pineapples, it’s really helps in reducing the swelling.

Hope this post, would helps you :)

My desire V-Line shaped face – Not the usual Botox (2nd shot follow-up)

3 months ago I had my first Botox V-lift, if you haven’t read click HERE .

3 months ago

photo 4 photo 1 (1)9

Botox V-Lift (2nd Shot)

It’s 3 months after my very 1stBotox V-lift treatment.I’m due for the second treatment to prolong the results! [Botox acts to prevent nerves from stimulating muscles. This effect wears off typically in 3-4 months.  However, if the next Botox application is administered before the effects wear off, the underlying muscle weakens (atrophies) and the effectiveness generally last longer after each treatment. It can be up to one year for some people.]

The verdict from my first Botox V-lift experience – the results were still maintaining very well. I really love my improved facial shape.  My doctor commented that I have a good base to work on, thus with Botox V-Lift, it makes my facial shape even nicer and more defined. He actually suggested I could have my second treatment a month later, but I couldn’t be bothered, since I’m already there.

I’m so excited, as I’m so looking forward to the second session.  I want to see if the Botox V-lift could make my facial shape even better after the second round.

I would not go into the procedures details in this particular post, pls read HERE if you want to know the procedure.

Me in the treatment room

Photo 2-9-14 8 28 01 pm

OMFG! my wrinkle around my eye area :( Time to plan for eyes’ botox, I guess.

Photo 2-9-14 8 28 19 pm

I just simply love what the Botox V-Lift can achieve for me. Wonder if its psychological, but my facial shape looks so much slimmer and smaller, the jawline looks very nice as well!

I was never suitable for donning short hair.  Doing so made my face looked wider than it was. But after the Botox V-lift, I can finally cut my hair real short.  In fact, now my facial shape looks more outstanding with short hair ^^

Photo 2-9-14 11 17 16 pm Photo 2-9-14 11 17 32 pm Photo 2-9-14 11 18 24 pm

Post-treatment Day 3

Sorry for the bad resolution of my photo, anyway my main point is to focus on my facial shape. LOL!

Photo 11-10-14 5 03 37 pm

*** If you are keen to undergo the Botox V-lift treatment at exclusive member’s price, please contact [email protected]

C Smile Dental Clinic – HatYai (Thailand)

I’ve been focusing a lot on facial procedures, and neglected my teeth. A set of beautiful white teeth is equally important as well, it definitely makes our smiles looks more beautiful and confident.

I’ve done braces about 10 years back, but over years my teeth alignment had shifted. Most readers have been commenting I should do something to my teeth, but I don’t wanna go through the stage of having braces once again. To me it was so horrible that I had ulcers all over my mouth.

Teeth whitening have been becoming a very popular procedure over the years, among males and females. Results of teeth whitening have been very promising, but to have this procedure in Singapore can be quite costly. That is why I’m always looking for alternative.

I have many beauty commitments monthly, which is a must that I can never miss it. My readers have been always sharing good beauty stuffs with me, I guess my beauty commitments will only increase instead of decrease. Sometime I’m really amazed with what you girls had shared with me, be it products or beauty procedures. I will share more on what amazing beauty stuffs that my readers and friends shares on my blog soon. Do look out!

Having a teeth whitening procedure in Singapore can easily cost up to few thousands, which is not everyone here can afford. You may feel I’m always looking for cheap procedures to get my way out, and isn’t it too risky. Definitely yes it is, sometime it might not be what you are expecting. But does it means we need alot money to stay beautiful? To me it’s always a no, cox I always search for alternative.

Many readers have been wondering, why I don’t just get my procedures done in Singapore. Honestly, up to date I have yet to have faith for Singapore doctors. Other then Dr Ma who did my Botox treatment, which I’m very happy with the result.

I’ve hearing alot readers, who had went to HatYai for plastic surgeries procedures commented there are lots of teeth whitening clinic there. I have been very curious, but never had the chance to try it out. This time my dearest JJ volunteered to be guinea pig, since she’s travelling there.

She came across this clinic call “C Smile Clinic”, around Lee Garden hotel area. As for the exact location or landmark, we really have no idea.

Photo 27-6-14 10 39 32 am

The clinic looks bright and clean, hygiene wise I think it’s acceptable according to JJ. The clinic staffs speak ok English, but please use simple English and straight to the point to prevent confusion.

Photo 27-6-14 10 39 56 am Photo 27-6-14 10 40 10 am Photo 27-6-14 12 17 43 pm Photo 27-6-14 12 17 40 pm Photo 27-6-14 10 40 18 am Photo 27-6-14 10 40 35 am Photo 27-6-14 12 12 25 pm

The treatment room was surprisingly so clean and well equipped. I think way way look so much better then Dr Nara’s clinic. Oop :X Haha

Photo 27-6-14 12 10 30 pm

JJ was brought to the treatment room, while the doctor get prepared.

Treatment starts……

Photo 27-6-14 12 10 57 pm Photo 30-6-14 1 23 18 pm I will not write the treatment details, as it’s quite a straight forwards procedures. Let’s see JJ result after teeth whitening treatment below.

Photo 30-6-14 2 42 42 am

JJ was very happy with the result, and not forgetting she told me that the service of the clinic was really good. She highly recommend readers who travel to HatYai may want to drop by C Smile Dental Clinic, to have a teeth whitening treatment.

Each treatment cost 6000 Baht, which is affordable for most people. So why pay more when you know you can get the same result at a lower cost.

JJ with Dr Pornsri Paruemon of C Smile Dental Clinic – HatYai

Photo 27-6-14 12 24 24 pmAddress : 160/6 Supasarnrungsan Road , Hadyai , Songkhla 90110

Email : [email protected]

Or show the below namecard to TukTuk, if you can’t locate the clinic.

Photo 27-6-14 12 11 30 pm

Ending my 3 months “Tai Tai” Life ^^

I’m ending my 3 months “tai tai” life in 3 days time, back to working life again! These 3 months are one of the happiest period in my life ever! So much thing happen, and so much things I did. Totally fully enjoyed myself to the FULLESTTTTTTT!!!!

When I thought I’m at my most down period, so many miracle things happen to me! So who says this year is not the year for those who born in “Rat” year.

This post is gonna be a superb long post, because I’ve got so many things happy things to share!


I seriously had a hard time finding job, never been so hard for me before. I used to work as a executive coordinating things for my superiors, so to me I’m more to administrative side.

4 out of 5 interviews that I went to, all commented I should go into marketing or sales line. I was like this is what I hate most.  Of cox I failed all my interviews, cox they felt I’m not suitable for the job.

I was feeling quite down at the period, so I asked JJ. What’s wrong??? I used to be very quiet and introvert previously, and whatever job interview I went to all the interviewers likes me alot. Now when I’m so out spoken, speak well with confidence in interview but I failed all interviews. All interviewers tell me: “You are such a bubbly and outspoken girl, you shouldn’t be interviewing for administrative job.” -_-|||

JJ says:  “Don’t you feel plastic surgeries changed you, which you might not notice.”

Indeed what she says it’s so true, but I really don’t know if it’s good or bad. So I felt since now this is “me”, why not I just be positive and accept it.

I have expectations for myself, I would never cox I need a job badly and just accept any job that is available. I’m not educated, basically I only got a ‘O’ Level cert with 4 credits only. But I work through experiences, from a clerk when I graduate till an executive.

One of my girlfriend asked me why not I try working at makeup counter temporary, I was like ok lohz kill time also good. On the day of the interview, I was lying on my bed thinking “Why the fuck am I going to work as a sales girl, promoting makeup at counter.” No offence, but I totally cannot accept it at all. I used to work in beauty salon previously, but that was the past. I took many many years to climb up to an executive in an MNC, why should I degrade myself. NO WAY! So I didn’t even bothered to turned up.

I continue to look for job positively, things get better and better. 2 weeks ago, I was being offered a role in a Japanese company. They are paying me much higher then my previous job, and my role are also better then my previous role. Glad I didn’t give up, if not I will sure regret working as a make up promoter. Yeah! luck is on my side, and I’m starting work in 3 days time!

Primary 1 Registration 

During this period, I was rather stressed up as my son will be Primary One next year. I used to think, any school would be just ok doesn’t matter. As I was researching online, I start to understand more. A start up for my own kid is very important, no doubt people say if he is smart any school he go to won’t affect. But everyone wants the best for their kids, me too.

See things this way, a child’s education path is just like our career’s path we set. We shouldn’t take it so easy, and throw them to any school. Eg: A child who starts her primary school journey in Raffles Girls Primary, eventually she will move on to Raffles Girls Secondary. Everything is sets so nicely for them, but of cox not all top primary school have affiliate secondary school. But it couldn’t be that bad!

I’m staying in the east side, with a few top primary school around. But this year seem so competitive, lots of school start to do balloting in Phrase 2B. I’m Phrase 2C, so I cannot afford to go to school out of 1km. My choice was Maha Bodhi School for him, it’s a Buddhist school with all chinese students. I have always heard how good they teaches all students, especially on their well being. This is just what I wanted, and I’m lucky we are within 1km!

Of cox, balloting is required too. It’s my first time, I was super nervous on the day of balloting. I was at the school early, cox I want to witness the balloting. You can never believe how nervous I am, that I could not sit properly on the chair.

I almost want to cry after 20th number is called. The moment my son ballot number was called, I immediately tears in happiness. The feeling is even more happy then striking Toto, never felt this way before. I’m so blessed. :)


Penang Trip

I had an impromptu trip to Penang with my dearest cousin, this is somehow a birthday trip for her too. People who have been following, knows I have 2 cousins who I’m very close with. Basically, other then my son and parents I spent my time most with them.

Initially, we planned to go Batam or Bintan to relax. Buttttt…. everyone was like telling us how fantastic Penang is, and how delicious the foods are. So we decided why not there since we had never been there before.

Immediate after deciding, we immediately booked our flight and here we go! We spent only like SGD$100 for the flight and SGD$240 for 2 nights stay at a decent hotel along Gurney Drive.

Ahh… lazy to go into details for this trip, basically it’s a fun trip eating non stop. :)

Photo 14-7-14 8 53 57 am Photo 14-7-14 7 44 27 pm Photo 14-7-14 7 44 30 pm Photo 14-7-14 2 59 04 pm Photo 14-7-14 3 03 03 pm Photo 14-7-14 3 06 34 pm Photo 14-7-14 9 57 54 pm Photo 14-7-14 10 02 42 pm

Lorong Bahru Food Street

Photo 15-7-14 12 27 53 am Photo 15-7-14 12 28 04 am Photo 15-7-14 12 28 18 am Photo 15-7-14 12 22 02 am Photo 15-7-14 12 28 54 am Photo 15-7-14 12 29 08 am Photo 14-7-14 7 44 33 pm Photo 14-7-14 7 44 36 pm Photo 14-7-14 7 44 43 pm Photo 14-7-14 7 44 40 pm Photo 15-7-14 2 01 13 pm Photo 15-7-14 1 31 28 pm Photo 15-7-14 2 06 59 pm Photo 15-7-14 2 05 01 pm Photo 15-7-14 4 28 07 pm Photo 15-7-14 2 16 37 pm

Kek Lok Si Temple

Photo 15-7-14 2 42 28 pm Photo 15-7-14 2 44 05 pm Photo 15-7-14 2 44 14 pm Photo 15-7-14 2 44 10 pm Photo 15-7-14 2 47 01 pm Photo 15-7-14 10 53 55 pm Photo 15-7-14 10 50 57 pm Photo 15-7-14 10 50 28 pm Photo 15-7-14 10 41 14 pm Photo 15-7-14 9 58 24 pm Photo 15-7-14 9 58 28 pm Photo 15-7-14 9 58 42 pm Photo 15-7-14 9 58 32 pm Photo 15-7-14 10 41 02 pm Photo 15-7-14 9 59 37 pm Photo 15-7-14 9 59 40 pm Photo 15-7-14 9 59 43 pm Photo 15-7-14 10 40 31 pm Photo 15-7-14 10 41 07 pm Photo 15-7-14 10 41 18 pm Photo 15-7-14 10 48 57 pm Photo 15-7-14 10 40 36 pm Photo 15-7-14 10 51 16 pm Photo 15-7-14 10 56 59 pm

Penang Hill

Photo 15-7-14 4 09 34 pm Photo 15-7-14 10 38 53 pm Photo 15-7-14 4 15 38 pm Photo 15-7-14 4 16 30 pm Photo 15-7-14 4 17 16 pm Photo 15-7-14 4 17 21 pm Photo 15-7-14 6 43 21 pm Photo 15-7-14 11 13 18 pm Photo 15-7-14 10 40 56 pm Photo 15-7-14 4 57 07 pm Photo 15-7-14 4 57 16 pm Photo 15-7-14 10 51 35 pm Photo 15-7-14 10 40 45 pm Photo 15-7-14 11 12 44 pm Photo 15-7-14 10 40 49 pm Photo 15-7-14 11 13 57 pm Photo 15-7-14 10 52 03 pm


About 2 months ago, I had my first tattoo every and I’m loving it.

Photo 2-7-14 11 12 54 pm

Just after a month after my first tattoo, I decided to go for the second one. Haaa… Addictive okie! When I went back to Agus, he was like addictive right?

I wanted a just a crown on my back, but seem like so many people are having that. So I decided, why not a diamond together with a crown. And here it is …….

Photo 28-7-015

LOVE MAXXXXXXXX!!!!! All thanks to Agus!

Do follow him in instagram @hathawaylane , he definitely won’t disappoint you with his work. For appointment, or customize tattoo contact him at 9232 2735.

My 2 lovely cousins

My 2 lovely cousins from maternal and paternal side finally met. So happy, now I do not have to split myself into 2 for them.


There’s just too much of things to share about these 3 months, which I doubt I will be able to put everything in here.

Sometime it’s just a matter of time, for the right things / person to appear. Never give up believing, Jia You :) I just wanna say, I’m really so blessed now!

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