A Good 2 Years of Blogging… GoodBye <3

It’s been months since I last logged on to my email, and Facebook page. Lots of mails, messages from Facebook. And i felt it’s time for me to do an official good-bye, to readers who have been following me.

First, I would loves to say that I had a good 2 years blogging. I started blogging on 18th May 2013, mainly focusing on all my personal plastic surgery procedures.

Till date, I had done:

  • 4 times eye surgeries,
  • 2 times nose surgeries,
  • 3 times fat grafts,
  • dimples,
  • liposuction

Started my first eyes surgery in Hatyai, and slowly moving out to Medan and to South Korea. Every places I had different experiences, good and bad.

When I started this blog, there are many different kinds of views from people.


  • I don’t love myself.
  • I don’t deserve anyone to loves.
  • I’m a bad example to the younger generations.
  • My parents would feel disgrace to have a daughter like me.
  • etc…..

But of cox, I does have lots of supportive readers that some we eventually became personal friends. One very important person I have to mention is JJ, we know each other from Singapore Expat abt 3 years ago. After 6-12mths, it’s when we decided to meet up. She is the only person, who gave her utmost support to me. Be it starting blog, when I’m going to give up at some point of time. Never once for the past 3 years, she left leaving me alone. Someone who I call true friend, who never judge.

Through blogging, I received lots of privileges. Sponsored/discounted surgeries, grooming, etc… I write review on them based on my genuine experience, even it’s a bad one. This is one of the term which I always tell them, before I agreed on receiving the sponsored post. Blog in a fair way, in term for my sponsor and myself.

Common questions that I always received, “Can you recommend me with doctor/clinic is good and safe?”. Honestly, I can’t answer at all.

Especially with plastic surgery marketing nowadays, Singapore considered as one of the high spender country. They offers bloggers sponsored / discounts surgeries, reviewing on the particular clinic. I mean free surgeries who don’t want, all we do is just to blog. Readers start following and believe since bloggers can achieve the result, I can too. Results really varies. There are just too much out in the markets, sometimes it does confused me too.

The reason I always don’t tell my readers my doctors/clinics is good, because I believe there are no doctors who can give you 100% guarantee. After all, it still depend on individual. All I can say is make your own decisions, whatever you all reads and see is just a reference. Find a doctor, you personally comfortable with.

One very important thing I learnt throughout this journey, was not to judge the ability of the clinic/doctor through all the fanciful marketing’s skills. I’ve been through, I know how they works.

Time to bid Good-Bye

Thank You every single one of you who have been following me, showered me with lots of love and concern. These 2 years, things started quite tough for me. I fell a few times along the journey, and stand up again. Just to live my life better and better.

Last year, report on my story on local papers, malaysian papers. And a blogpost I did with a blogger, went viral online. Yes I received sudden increase of blog hits, but that affect peoples around me too. Which I feel i should start to be responsible to peoples around me, and protect them. Therefore, I came into this decision.

I’m definitely leaving for good.

This blog will be still here, but there will no longer be any updates. I will still proceed for my upcoming procedures, but it will be all personal.

I will no longer reply to any emails, or facebook messages regards to any questions.

You may want to add me on my Facebook page HERE. At times, i might still pop by there and say Hi !

So now, I believe I would say my story ended happily as of now.




Update ^^

An update

In April 2015, I’ve removed my nose implant I did in Korea last year November 2014 due to infection. I tried many ways, but the bump on my tip just becoming more and more swelling and painful. It look really awkward, that everyone who met me kept asking whats wrong with my nose. I tried concealing it, but it’s just too obvious.


I tried to consult the hospital (read my previous post and you will know which hospital) who did my nose. But I wan’t feeling comfortable going back to them, even revision is free within a year of my surgery. So I called up Dr Chi in Phuket for help, who did my nose surgery 3 years ago when he was in Hatyai.

Infection was quite bad that I could not do an immediate revision. He advised me to remove my implant immediately.

20150407_181213 20150407_181220

After the removal, I had quite an obvious scar on my nose tip. I will be going back to Dr Chi next year, for my nose revision.

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