My Beautiful Journey with ID Hospital (Korea) – Part 1

Hey! I guess everyone is waiting for this long waited post. I know I super slow, cox I am super busy! Busy dating, busy with my day work, busy in managing post-ops downtime, busy preparing my son for Primary 1, busy travelling (this sounds so sarcastic I know… oopx… hehe).

Earlier this year during April, I had travelled to Seoul for my Revision Eyelid, Ptosis, and Fat Graft Surgery with JW Beauty Korea. The result was good, my fat graft survive well even till now except my forehead area. I guess everyone who have been following me all the while are curious, why this time ID Hospital? Whereas, I have updated that I will go back to JW Beauty Korea for my Nose Revision, and Dimples surgeries.

I’ve never like to be obligated to blogged by timeline given, and I do not allow any clinic to review my post before I post it. No matter my procedures are sponsored, or discount given I always highlight clearly, I only give genuine and fair reviews. If the result is bad, is either I don’t blog it or if I’m obligated to blog I will just blog as what it is.

Service of clinic is always one of the most important part, which deem whether I should go back to you anot. That’s all I would comment, to be fair to the doctors. :)

Back to my recent trip during November to ID Hospital Korea!

This was really a very last minute decision, like maybe a week before I fly I book an appointment with ID Hospital. This time round I’m there for my Revision nose surgery and dimples creation.

Why I revise my nose?

Everyone, even myself thinks my nose was nicely done 3 years ago in Hatyai (Thailand). My nose was previously done with a L-implant, and as years passed. I realised my silicon starts to slip lower, and my nose tip are getting very thin that I could feel my implant. This really freak me our, as I have heard of horror story that implant actually extrude out from the nose tip.

Why dimples?

Hahaha… I always thinks girls looks cute with dimples, so I want dimples too! hehe…

A week before I fly, I contacted ID Hospital due to some cropped up with my previous clinic. I’ve known ID Hospital Korea through the show “LET ME IN”, a transformation show which I’ve been always following till now.

In Season 2, I really love this gal Huh ,Ye-Eun.Photo 1-11-14 6 45 27 amSo unbelievable right?!?!

Here I fly to Seoul again! YESH AGAINNN!!! haha ^^

Photo 28-10-14 9 50 19 pmOnce I touched down in Seoul, I was welcomed by friendly ID Hospital’s driver who will be sending me directly to the hospital for consultation and surgery. It was rather rush, as my surgeon Dr Hwang was so fully booked for the rest of the week.

Along the way to the hospital, the driver was making his effort trying to speak English to me to makes me feel comfortable.

Finally after 45 mins ride due to crazy traffic jam, I’ve reached ID Hospital.

Photo 29-10-14 8 39 58 amPhoto 29-10-14 8 41 02 am Photo 29-10-14 8 40 53 amI was greeted and welcomed by my translator Jane. Isn’t she so sweet looking and so pretty! I couldn’t get my eyes off her… hehehe

Photo 29-10-14 11 42 40 pmInitially, I was rather worried about communication with the doctors and consultant there. When I first saw Jane, I was so surprised that she speaks very good English. I mean really good English, that I do not have any worry there will be any miscommunication with the doctor.

I was brought to the waiting area, to filled up my particular while waiting for them to prepare for my consultation with Dr Hwang.


KakaoTalk_20141203_095411067Photo 29-10-14 7 57 35 am

Wahhhh!!! did I also mention, they have their very own café. They serve almost all drinks that you can find in Starbuck!!! & IT’S FREEEEE!!!

Photo 29-10-14 9 31 11 am

Dr Hwang, one of the doctor who appeared in “LET ME IN” Season 2. He is specialised in nose surgeries, which the manager in the hospital highly recommended him to me. Before I came to Seoul, we have been communicating through KaKao. I told her my expectation, as my previous nose surgery was good. This time round having a revision, definitely I have more expectation on it.

Even though, I had already fixed my appointment with Dr Hwang but for me I’m still quite reserve as we have never communicate before.

After then, I was brought to another level for X-ray and photo taking before consultation.

KakaoTalk_20141203_095411786Capture Capture19After everything is done, here I am in the consultation room where the consultant will meet me.

The consultant, started listening to me on what I’m expecting. It’s basically just a rough consultation before meeting the doctor.

Photo 29-10-14 9 21 49 am

After the short consultation with the consultant, I waited for a short while for Dr Hwang to examine me and explained to me his surgical plan on me.

He greeted me, followed by the consultant explaining to him why I’m here for.

I told him my issues :-

  • Short nose
  • Unbalanced Alar
  • Bridge – hoping for a more defined and higher bridge



Dr Hwang look through my X-ray, and told me my implant inside my nose is slipping down. Seeee… my 6th sense told me that, and now I have X-ray to prove it. If I’m not going to do anything to it definitely one day, it’s going to protrude out my nose tip.

I asked Dr Hwang if it is possible to makes my nose more defined, longer and higher. He explained tip-plasty with cartilage would make my nose look visually longer, and definitely more defined. As for the bridge, I already had a high bridge from my previous nose job. So I definitely cannot accept anything that is lower than my previous nose bridge. He told me my nose tissue is already quite thin, but definitely going another 1-2mm higher it is still acceptable. To me I was like “Hur… 1-2mm only? Got different meh?”

He also suggested in more natural curve bridge, for more natural and feminine look.

After we agreed on the surgical plan for nose, here comes the dimples part! I’m so excited about it!

Dr Hwang actually asked me where would I like my dimples to be at? and… Do I want my dimple to be just on one side of the face?

I straight away tell him, could you pls decide on the area where my dimples will be at. Cox I don’t want to point anywhere on my face, ended up looking like freak. I decided dimples on both sides, definitely dimple on one side will look more natural. But since my dimples are man made, make it balanced then. You asked me I would proudly say “Yes… my eyes are fake, my nose is fake, my dimples are fake too! I have low self-esteem!” What’s the big deal about it? *Roll eyes*


During the consultation, Dr Hwang told me he felt my eyes look abit fierce. He suggested me to get lateral canthoplasty done, to achieve softer look. Which he reminded me that most people commented, my eyes look very scary that they do not dare to look at me while talking to me.

Throughout the consultation, I felt very comfortable with Dr Hwang even though Dr Hwang doesn’t speak good English. I was so glad that they have translator with me throughout the whole consultation. He was very patient with all my doubts, explaining to me to make sure I’m comfortable.

After agreed on the surgical plan Dr Hwang suggested, he started to mark on my nose and the area where my dimples will be at.

Photo 29-10-14 10 38 51 am Photo 29-10-14 10 38 32 am Photo 29-10-14 10 38 01 am

And now I’m all ready ^^

0 11 12Want to continue reading on my after surgery, post-ops care and recovery… Do follow me for update on Part 2! :)

Bye for now ^^

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CO2 Fractional Laser Treatment

My never-ending skin issues on my face has never stopped.  I’ve been sourcing for many solutions even till today.  It will be festive period (Christmas, CNY etc) soon, and I’ve decided that I want to look my best during this holiday season!


I’ve been taking hormones pills (Diane 35), which are also known contraceptive pills, for more than a year. This is the only solution so far that control my acne issue, but of cos, not to deny, I gained a lot of weight from the pills. Which puts me in a dilemma – should I stop or not? I’ve tried visiting lots of well-known dermatologists and skin doctors. I paid so much for products but nothing improved.

I even tried out some intensive facial treatments which are said to be suitable for sensitive skin. But my face always ended up having lots of small bumps and irritations after the treatments. Since then, I had never placed too much trust on facial treatments. You can never imagine how sensitive my skin reacted to the products, it’s almost immediate.
3 years ago, I’ve tried out CO2 Fractional laser treatment from a skin centre. It actually improved my skin a lot, and lasted almost a year for me.

Recently, my skin started giving me problems again. One of my friends reminded me of CO2 fractional laser. She was like telling me “Hey, I thought you did laser once before and you were happy with the result.” I totally forgot about this. Based on my experience, my previous CO2 laser 3 years ago was really the best solution so far. The results were not immediate, and the downtime was more than a week. Nevertheless, my skin condition improved significantly and got better over the months.

When it comes to skin, I’m always very careful in choosing the doctor. I recalled that my friends from had earlier introduced one of their partner doctors to sharpen/slim down my face using Botox. Results were fantastic and I loved it so much. I approached my friends again to introduce me a reputable clinic for this laser treatment from their network of clinics.

Upon their advice, I booked an appointment with a clinic located in Takashimaya (Singapore’s prime shopping district). So here I am….. ^^


During the consultation, my Doctor asked me about the concerns I have regarding my skin. After assessing my condition, he advised me that CO2 fractional laser may be the most effective way for me, as I was concerned about my dull skin tone, pigmentation and dry skin.

He was very patient in explaining to me how it works, and how the laser can help me. Of cos, this is not a one-time treatment. I will need about 2-3 sessions, with 3 months’ gaps in between to achieve the best result. Also, my Doctor explained that he will not go too aggressive on the laser intensity as my skin is very sensitive. This means that the results will be more subtle compared to treatments of high intensity (suitable for skin condition that are less sensitive), but it is safer and the downtime is shorter.

DSC_9923 DSC_9920

What is CO2 fractional laser?


Immediately after the consultation, I was directed by the nurse to a treatment room to clean my face thoroughly while my Doctor prepares for the treatment.

DSC_9943 DSC_9944 After removing all the makeup on my face, she gently applied numbing cream on my entire face to minimise any discomfort from the laser treatment later.  I rested for 20 minutes for the numbing effect to set in.

34Thereafter, an optional post-laser facial mask was applied to cool down my face and help with the redness.  If you do not opt for the post-laser mask, an antibiotic cream is applied on the face instead before going home.

DSC_99875As for after-treatment care, I was prescribed with cream to apply during the downtime.

DSC_9999 DSC_9935The Recovery

The downtime was about one week. There were 3-4 days of redness and another 2-3 days of brown spots. My doctor advised me to avoid using products during the recovery (use only water to wash my face). I was also told to avoid direct and prolonged sun exposure for 2 weeks as this might cause hyperpigmentation.




I’ve been waiting patiently for my face to recover. Here’s the results after 2 weeks!  Lesser scars, more even skin tone, and a brighter face.  I believe the pictures say it all. ^^

Photo 19-10-14 10 28 53 pm Photo 19-10-14 10 30 49 pm

If you wish to improve your skin condition and look your best during this festive season, this is perhaps one of the most effective treatments that you could consider.  If you are keen on this great deal, please contact [email protected] to find out their member’s price for my friends and readers!

Checklist : “Beauty Trip” Pre-Ops & Post-Ops Care

Travelling to overseas for cosmetic/plastic surgeries, have been becoming more and more common in recent years. I’ve done all my procedures all in overseas (eg: Thailand, Indonesia and Korea. plastic-surgery-diva-12350369

During my blogging journey, I’ve received lots of email queries on all sort of questions with regards to overseas surgeries. The few most common questions that my readers normally asked:

♥Which surgeon do you recommend? Is the surgeon experience? Is it safe?

♥Which airlines you takes, how much?

♥Which hotel to stay, how you book? How much? Which part?

♥How much you spend on the surgery?

♥Can I get discount if I quote your name?

♥What do I need to prepare for pre-ops and post-ops care?


To be honest, the emails that I received daily is really a lot. Do pardon me if I missed your mail, and if you feel offended like “someone” who I don’t know who got so pissed off and wrote a nasty mail back to me. *ROLL EYES*

Since I’m not able to reply all emails, I’ll answer here. :)

1 question which I always receive

“What do I need to prepare for pre-ops and post-ops care?”

This question have been asked many many times, which I think it’s somehow rather useful for people who are still very new to cosmetic/plastic surgeries. Especially, if you are travelling to overseas, cox not all things are available in the particular country.

Medication (De-Swelling)


When I just started, I’m as “kiasu” as everyone wanting to buy the best recommended post-ops medication to help speed up the downtime.

“Sinecch” this medication I believe everyone here should be familiar with. This is a medication for post and pre-ops, helping in reducing post-ops bruises and swelling.

I bought this medication for my first nose job to Hatyai.


“Sinecch” is taken starting from 24hrs before surgery, all the way through to post-ops day 4. During that time I have very little bruises, but I’m not sure if it’s “Sinecch” that works or?

You can buy “Sinecch” from a few sources, from my knowledge most Singaporean get it from a 3rd party who have ready stock in Singapore.



You can buy from , it’s  recognised site which they sell post-ops medications and products.yunnan-baiyao-capsules

Alternative, you can get another medication called “云南白药” in capsules. You can get this from any Chinese medical hall, it cost only SGD 5-6. Which is really very cheap compared to Sinecch, which cost more than SGD 50.

My guest blogger “JJ”, she have been taking this for all her surgeries including her cheekbone reduction. According to her experience, it’s works very well for her and even better than Sinecch.

Ice/Hot pack (Reduce Swelling & Bruising)

eye ice pack

This is a must! Most of the post-ops swelling occurs in the 48 hours after surgery, freeze the ice pack in freezer, and use it for the first 3 days to reduce swelling.

Most people didn’t actually know that, on the 4th day hot pack need to be used instead of ice pack. As hot pack can reduce the bruising. You can actually dip your pack into hot water, to treat your face with hot pack.

There are many ice pack out there, I would recommend just get the ice pack for eyes. It doesn’t matter you are having a nose, eyes or which part of your face. Cox the size of the eye’s ice pack is smaller in size, and easier for you to use it on any part of your face.

eye packRecently, I have a friend who intro the above pack. I’m not sure how good this is, maybe you can go and try and let me know. Heez ^^

Support Pillow (For nose surgery)support pillow

This is a must to those who have problem sleeping upright after surgery. For nose surgery, our sleeping position is very important. The implant in our nose have yet to settle in, any movement will cause it to shift.

When I had m 1st nose job 2 years ago, I did not use support pillow. My nose ended up slightly slanted to a side, which I felt everyone should really take note when you have nose surgery.

Compression Garment (For Liposuction)

compression garmentCompression garments is definitely a must to purchase, if you are having liposuction procedures. It’s important to wear it for the first week, to prevent fluid shift and imbalance.

To be honest, a good compression garment really costs a lot. Wearing compression garment can be rather uncomfortable, especially for weather like Singapore. It’s almost impossible to wear it for a month, it’s really waste of money. I would suggest you to buy from Gmarket, no need to be very expensive as long as the material is tight enough.


Of cox, what I listed above may not be a complete lists of what you think you should prepare. Honestly, now I don’t prepare anything at all not even eye pack. Especially, if you are travelling to Korea for procedures. You can totally rest assured, just bring yourself that’s good enough. Most clinics would have prepared everything for you except support pillow. They have ice pack, de swelling medication (although it’s not sinecch, but it’s works too!), and whatever you need for basic cleaning of wound daily.

Takes pumpkins or pineapples, it’s really helps in reducing the swelling.

Hope this post, would helps you :)

My desire V-Line shaped face – Not the usual Botox (2nd shot follow-up)

3 months ago I had my first Botox V-lift, if you haven’t read click HERE .

3 months ago

photo 4 photo 1 (1)9

Botox V-Lift (2nd Shot)

It’s 3 months after my very 1stBotox V-lift treatment.I’m due for the second treatment to prolong the results! [Botox acts to prevent nerves from stimulating muscles. This effect wears off typically in 3-4 months.  However, if the next Botox application is administered before the effects wear off, the underlying muscle weakens (atrophies) and the effectiveness generally last longer after each treatment. It can be up to one year for some people.]

The verdict from my first Botox V-lift experience – the results were still maintaining very well. I really love my improved facial shape.  My doctor commented that I have a good base to work on, thus with Botox V-Lift, it makes my facial shape even nicer and more defined. He actually suggested I could have my second treatment a month later, but I couldn’t be bothered, since I’m already there.

I’m so excited, as I’m so looking forward to the second session.  I want to see if the Botox V-lift could make my facial shape even better after the second round.

I would not go into the procedures details in this particular post, pls read HERE if you want to know the procedure.

Me in the treatment room

Photo 2-9-14 8 28 01 pm

OMFG! my wrinkle around my eye area :( Time to plan for eyes’ botox, I guess.

Photo 2-9-14 8 28 19 pm

I just simply love what the Botox V-Lift can achieve for me. Wonder if its psychological, but my facial shape looks so much slimmer and smaller, the jawline looks very nice as well!

I was never suitable for donning short hair.  Doing so made my face looked wider than it was. But after the Botox V-lift, I can finally cut my hair real short.  In fact, now my facial shape looks more outstanding with short hair ^^

Photo 2-9-14 11 17 16 pm Photo 2-9-14 11 17 32 pm Photo 2-9-14 11 18 24 pm

Post-treatment Day 3

Sorry for the bad resolution of my photo, anyway my main point is to focus on my facial shape. LOL!

Photo 11-10-14 5 03 37 pm

*** If you are keen to undergo the Botox V-lift treatment at exclusive member’s price, please contact [email protected]

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