Ending my 3 months “Tai Tai” Life ^^

I’m ending my 3 months “tai tai” life in 3 days time, back to working life again! These 3 months are one of the happiest period in my life ever! So much thing happen, and so much things I did. Totally fully enjoyed myself to the FULLESTTTTTTT!!!!

When I thought I’m at my most down period, so many miracle things happen to me! So who says this year is not the year for those who born in “Rat” year.

This post is gonna be a superb long post, because I’ve got so many things happy things to share!


I seriously had a hard time finding job, never been so hard for me before. I used to work as a executive coordinating things for my superiors, so to me I’m more to administrative side.

4 out of 5 interviews that I went to, all commented I should go into marketing or sales line. I was like this is what I hate most.  Of cox I failed all my interviews, cox they felt I’m not suitable for the job.

I was feeling quite down at the period, so I asked JJ. What’s wrong??? I used to be very quiet and introvert previously, and whatever job interview I went to all the interviewers likes me alot. Now when I’m so out spoken, speak well with confidence in interview but I failed all interviews. All interviewers tell me: “You are such a bubbly and outspoken girl, you shouldn’t be interviewing for administrative job.” -_-|||

JJ says:  “Don’t you feel plastic surgeries changed you, which you might not notice.”

Indeed what she says it’s so true, but I really don’t know if it’s good or bad. So I felt since now this is “me”, why not I just be positive and accept it.

I have expectations for myself, I would never cox I need a job badly and just accept any job that is available. I’m not educated, basically I only got a ‘O’ Level cert with 4 credits only. But I work through experiences, from a clerk when I graduate till an executive.

One of my girlfriend asked me why not I try working at makeup counter temporary, I was like ok lohz kill time also good. On the day of the interview, I was lying on my bed thinking “Why the fuck am I going to work as a sales girl, promoting makeup at counter.” No offence, but I totally cannot accept it at all. I used to work in beauty salon previously, but that was the past. I took many many years to climb up to an executive in an MNC, why should I degrade myself. NO WAY! So I didn’t even bothered to turned up.

I continue to look for job positively, things get better and better. 2 weeks ago, I was being offered a role in a Japanese company. They are paying me much higher then my previous job, and my role are also better then my previous role. Glad I didn’t give up, if not I will sure regret working as a make up promoter. Yeah! luck is on my side, and I’m starting work in 3 days time!

Primary 1 Registration 

During this period, I was rather stressed up as my son will be Primary One next year. I used to think, any school would be just ok doesn’t matter. As I was researching online, I start to understand more. A start up for my own kid is very important, no doubt people say if he is smart any school he go to won’t affect. But everyone wants the best for their kids, me too.

See things this way, a child’s education path is just like our career’s path we set. We shouldn’t take it so easy, and throw them to any school. Eg: A child who starts her primary school journey in Raffles Girls Primary, eventually she will move on to Raffles Girls Secondary. Everything is sets so nicely for them, but of cox not all top primary school have affiliate secondary school. But it couldn’t be that bad!

I’m staying in the east side, with a few top primary school around. But this year seem so competitive, lots of school start to do balloting in Phrase 2B. I’m Phrase 2C, so I cannot afford to go to school out of 1km. My choice was Maha Bodhi School for him, it’s a Buddhist school with all chinese students. I have always heard how good they teaches all students, especially on their well being. This is just what I wanted, and I’m lucky we are within 1km!

Of cox, balloting is required too. It’s my first time, I was super nervous on the day of balloting. I was at the school early, cox I want to witness the balloting. You can never believe how nervous I am, that I could not sit properly on the chair.

I almost want to cry after 20th number is called. The moment my son ballot number was called, I immediately tears in happiness. The feeling is even more happy then striking Toto, never felt this way before. I’m so blessed. :)


Penang Trip

I had an impromptu trip to Penang with my dearest cousin, this is somehow a birthday trip for her too. People who have been following, knows I have 2 cousins who I’m very close with. Basically, other then my son and parents I spent my time most with them.

Initially, we planned to go Batam or Bintan to relax. Buttttt…. everyone was like telling us how fantastic Penang is, and how delicious the foods are. So we decided why not there since we had never been there before.

Immediate after deciding, we immediately booked our flight and here we go! We spent only like SGD$100 for the flight and SGD$240 for 2 nights stay at a decent hotel along Gurney Drive.

Ahh… lazy to go into details for this trip, basically it’s a fun trip eating non stop. :)

Photo 14-7-14 8 53 57 am Photo 14-7-14 7 44 27 pm Photo 14-7-14 7 44 30 pm Photo 14-7-14 2 59 04 pm Photo 14-7-14 3 03 03 pm Photo 14-7-14 3 06 34 pm Photo 14-7-14 9 57 54 pm Photo 14-7-14 10 02 42 pm

Lorong Bahru Food Street

Photo 15-7-14 12 27 53 am Photo 15-7-14 12 28 04 am Photo 15-7-14 12 28 18 am Photo 15-7-14 12 22 02 am Photo 15-7-14 12 28 54 am Photo 15-7-14 12 29 08 am Photo 14-7-14 7 44 33 pm Photo 14-7-14 7 44 36 pm Photo 14-7-14 7 44 43 pm Photo 14-7-14 7 44 40 pm Photo 15-7-14 2 01 13 pm Photo 15-7-14 1 31 28 pm Photo 15-7-14 2 06 59 pm Photo 15-7-14 2 05 01 pm Photo 15-7-14 4 28 07 pm Photo 15-7-14 2 16 37 pm

Kek Lok Si Temple

Photo 15-7-14 2 42 28 pm Photo 15-7-14 2 44 05 pm Photo 15-7-14 2 44 14 pm Photo 15-7-14 2 44 10 pm Photo 15-7-14 2 47 01 pm Photo 15-7-14 10 53 55 pm Photo 15-7-14 10 50 57 pm Photo 15-7-14 10 50 28 pm Photo 15-7-14 10 41 14 pm Photo 15-7-14 9 58 24 pm Photo 15-7-14 9 58 28 pm Photo 15-7-14 9 58 42 pm Photo 15-7-14 9 58 32 pm Photo 15-7-14 10 41 02 pm Photo 15-7-14 9 59 37 pm Photo 15-7-14 9 59 40 pm Photo 15-7-14 9 59 43 pm Photo 15-7-14 10 40 31 pm Photo 15-7-14 10 41 07 pm Photo 15-7-14 10 41 18 pm Photo 15-7-14 10 48 57 pm Photo 15-7-14 10 40 36 pm Photo 15-7-14 10 51 16 pm Photo 15-7-14 10 56 59 pm

Penang Hill

Photo 15-7-14 4 09 34 pm Photo 15-7-14 10 38 53 pm Photo 15-7-14 4 15 38 pm Photo 15-7-14 4 16 30 pm Photo 15-7-14 4 17 16 pm Photo 15-7-14 4 17 21 pm Photo 15-7-14 6 43 21 pm Photo 15-7-14 11 13 18 pm Photo 15-7-14 10 40 56 pm Photo 15-7-14 4 57 07 pm Photo 15-7-14 4 57 16 pm Photo 15-7-14 10 51 35 pm Photo 15-7-14 10 40 45 pm Photo 15-7-14 11 12 44 pm Photo 15-7-14 10 40 49 pm Photo 15-7-14 11 13 57 pm Photo 15-7-14 10 52 03 pm


About 2 months ago, I had my first tattoo every and I’m loving it.

Photo 2-7-14 11 12 54 pm

Just after a month after my first tattoo, I decided to go for the second one. Haaa… Addictive okie! When I went back to Agus, he was like addictive right?

I wanted a just a crown on my back, but seem like so many people are having that. So I decided, why not a diamond together with a crown. And here it is …….

Photo 28-7-015

LOVE MAXXXXXXXX!!!!! All thanks to Agus!

Do follow him in instagram @hathawaylane , he definitely won’t disappoint you with his work. For appointment, or customize tattoo contact him at 9232 2735.

My 2 lovely cousins

My 2 lovely cousins from maternal and paternal side finally met. So happy, now I do not have to split myself into 2 for them.


There’s just too much of things to share about these 3 months, which I doubt I will be able to put everything in here.

Sometime it’s just a matter of time, for the right things / person to appear. Never give up believing, Jia You :) I just wanna say, I’m really so blessed now!

Siam Laser Clinic (Bangkok – Thonglor Branch)

During this Bangkok trip, it was really a very fulfilling one. Of cox we did alot of shopping, but what was more interesting was that I’m travelling with 2 readers. If you haven’t read my previous posts on this trip, click below link :

Bangkok weather is forever so freaking hot, and it simply makes my skin so dry that it peel on my 3rd day there. Can you imagine I was so desperate on that night, that I couldn’t be bothered and went down to a massage shop beside my hotel at 12am for facial. Yah! Those shop that you can find everywhere in Bangkok street, that provide foot and body massage. I think I’m really out of my mind, cox the product they use definitely not as good as beauty salon. How much can a 400 Baht facial do??? Somemore in this kind of shop! Obviously, I come out feeling the same.

I’m going to stay there for 7 nights, I can’t imagine how my skin will be when I return Singapore. I guess all the money I spent on Vit C drip I did, will be all wasted. So sad okie.

On the 4th day, YY wanted to go to Siam Laser Clinic to buy Glutathione pills. As per research, the Glutathione pills there are very effective. So 3 of us took a cab and head down to their branch at Tonglor.

Photo 20-6-14 4 49 44 pm Photo 20-6-14 4 23 09 pm Photo 20-6-14 4 23 27 pm Photo 20-6-14 4 22 51 pm Photo 20-6-14 4 22 41 pm Photo 20-6-14 4 22 38 pm Photo 20-6-14 4 23 03 pm

While YY was checking with the staff on the pills, I was like browsing their services. My eyes suddenly “TING TING TING”, cox I saw they have facial for hydrating. Super happy can, so I ask the consultant there to explain to me more on it. The consultant was very friendly, no doubt their English are not fluent but still understandable.

She told me I could consider doing their “Meso Nano Treatment”, it helps in hydrating and uneven skin tone. Since I’m so worried on my skin, and the clinic staffs seems to be quite professional so I go ahead for their facial treatment.

Photo 20-6-14 7 24 47 pm

The consultants there were all very nice, and let me take pictures around even during treatment. Basically, they wants me to blogged about it. I was like why not, if it’s good I’ll blogged genuinely.

Treatment Room

Photo 20-6-14 4 31 14 pm Photo 20-6-14 4 38 17 pm Photo 20-6-14 4 22 23 pm Photo 20-6-14 4 19 23 pm Photo 20-6-14 4 19 41 pm

After a few minutes waiting, I was brought into their treatment room. The room was very comfortable and clean.

And the treatment starts……. I would not really goes into the details of every steps. If you ask why? Continue reading down….

Photo 20-6-14 4 15 37 pm Photo 20-6-14 4 21 39 pm Photo 20-6-14 4 21 09 pm Photo 20-6-14 4 20 07 pm Photo 20-6-14 4 25 09 pm


Photo 20-6-14 4 27 44 pm (1) Photo 20-6-14 4 27 56 pm Photo 20-6-14 4 28 10 pm Photo 20-6-14 4 28 35 pm Photo 20-6-14 4 28 48 pm Photo 20-6-14 4 29 20 pm Photo 20-6-14 4 29 27 pm Photo 20-6-14 4 30 36 pm Photo 20-6-14 4 42 04 pm Photo 20-6-14 4 41 49 pm Photo 20-6-14 4 43 36 pm Photo 20-6-14 4 43 58 pm Tadaaaa… and I’m done… There are a few reasons why I didn’t want to go into details, and write more on this clinic itself.

Photo 20-6-14 4 46 41 pm

Definitely, yes this treatment brighten and hydrate my skin immediate like all other facial in Singapore. Nothing surprisingly, my skin glowed.

photo (3)

When I was enjoying my treatment, and all the staffs making sure I’m ok cox they know I’m a blogger and they know about me. I didn’t tell them anything, they just recognized me themselves. They show me around the clinic taking pictures, explaining to me.


When I was out from treatment, JJ and YY seem a little unhappy. Initially, when we were there both of them are very interested in their eyelid surgeries procedures. They even wanted to pay for it, and go ahead for the surgery immediate. But they were being served very unprofessionally, the consultants start to turn her tone when they ask more in details. As a consumers/patients, we need to know exactly what we are paying for.

I was there when they were consulting on their eyelid, and they even tell me “AHHH, just go for it don’t care. Anyway, can use card to pay.”

So there is no reason, they will suddenly back out for something they decided. The consultant even walked away, leaving to of them there. She even signal her colleagues not to assist them.

After my treatment the consultant, came over smiling to me and ask how’s was my treatment. In my mind, good of cox but what about your service to my friends. SPEECHLESS!

For your info, the consultant in Siam Laser Clinic is called Muiz.

JJ’s Revision Nose Revision with Dr Charan Mahatumarat In Bangkok

I’ve neglected my blog for quite awhile, my last update was like in 8th July! One of the tattoo artist was like browsing my blog when I was there today, he was like “wah lao you… 8th July, blogger never work bo update!”  LOL x100!

Halo not never update ok, all thanks to MOH new rules and regulations! I need to re-edit, and re-phrase all the aesthetic clinic review posts from Singapore. Not only that I need to crop off doctor’s face, clinic’s name in all pictures. Seriously! WTF! So do not be surprise, when you start seeing blogger not mentioning doctors and clinic name in blog post. So same goes for sponsorship, MOH announced sponsorship on all aesthetic procedures for bloggers are not encouraged anymore.

Okie, enough of all the ranting. If not, I might get sue for talking too much rubbish. Haha… Better be a humble blogger, and shut my mouth :x

Back to topic! If you have read my previous post on Bangkok Trip with my readers, we also visited Yanhee Hospital for their slimming pills. If you haven’t read, click HERE ! Now JJ is already post-ops one month, let’s looks at her result!

JJ is a lady whom I know 2 years back in Singapore Expat forum, and we happen to click off very well. I guess she is one of the only few who are really nice and genuine. I hated forum for some reasons, and I had never visit any forum since then. Seriously, I’m wondering does badmouthing bring you anywhere further. I couldn’t even be bothered, to see what you wrote to lead forummers there to condemn me. No wonder I was wondering, why my blog static everyday have visitors from forum. Maybe, I should thanks you for free publicity for me. :)

Last year October, JJ went for her Zygoma Reduction (Cheekbone Reduction) with Dr Charan Mahatumarat in Bangkok. The result was consider satisfactory. Click HERE to read !

For Rhinoplasty, there are 2 types of method one would be open-incision (using cartilage and I-implant) and the other would be closed-incision (just inserting silicon using I or L-implant). I’m not surgeon, so this is the very basic thing I know. If you want to know the detail on the process, pls google or consult a doctor.

You must be wondering , why a revision? JJ had done her rhinoplasty and alarplasty about 3-4 years ago using silicon L-implant by closed-incision. As time passes, she start to realize her nose bridge had slanted. Sometime, she even felt her skin become very thin. Extrusion of silicon might happen. Sames goes to me, that why I’m going to Seoul this Oct to revise it.

This time round, she decided to get her nose done using cartilage once and for all. As we all know, using cartilage it feels like own nose. Unlike silicon implant, we need to revise it every 10 years. Initially, she was very dilemma over whether should she go to Dr Chi in Phuket or Dr Charan in Bangkok. She had met and also done surgery with both doctors before, and so far they are the only 2 who she is comfortable with.

After much consideration, even though JJ felt Dr Chi would be able to give her the drastic result she want and Dr Charan might be more conservative on this part. She still choose Dr Charan over Dr Chi, because Dr Chi does open-incision under GA (general anesthetic) and Dr Charan does open-incision under LA (local anesthetic). JJ could not take the after effect for GA (general anesthetic), she experienced very bad vomiting from her previous surgery.   I was so surprised over it, cox I had seldom hears doctor using LA (local anesthetic) for open-incision.

Below are JJ pre-ops pictures, if you were to look carefully you can see the bridge is slanting to the right from here.

Photo 26-7-016 Photo 26-7-017 Photo 26-7-015

To read more on Dr Charan’s clinic, click HERE to my previous post on him.

IMG-20131228-WA0017 IMG-20131228-WA0018 IMG-20131228-WA0014 IMG-20131228-WA0024 IMG-20131228-WA0029

The surgery started at 2pm, and ended at almost 9pm. I don’t know why so long honestly, I was in the clinic at 7pm to pick JJ up. But ended up I waited till 9pm.

Immediate after operation

Below are some pictures immediate after operation. Sorry for the poor quality of pictures, I’m gonna get a decent camera soon! :)

Photo 17-6-019 Photo 17-6-018

The picture below shows the area from the ear, where Dr Charan took her cartilage from. We were so curious why is the cartilage taken from the front of the ear instead of behind. As we know it does leave scar, that is why doctors normally use cartilage from the back of our ear.

Photo 19-6-017

JJ was like telling me, the surgery was very long. She was all along awake and aware of what’s happening, but glad there’s no pain at all. But I guess this gonna freak most girls, if this is your first surgery.

After collecting the medications. we went back to hotel and rest.

Photo 16-6-015

After resting, JJ wanted to shampoo her hair but it’s impossible for her to do it herself. So we went nearby our hotel and found a salon, but the lady wanted to charged her 300baht to wash hair. It’s like SGD $12 for hair wash in a run-down salon, and we walk off. JJ turned to me and ask me if I could help her to wash her hair. LOL! I was like ok lohx.

Damn funny, we pull our hotel room chair all the way into our bathroom and she use shower caps to cover her ears. And we saved 300 baht! Haha…

Photo 17-6-015 Photo 17-6-016

Post-ops Day 5 (Stitches Removal)

I wanted to meet Dr Charan too, so I went with JJ to Dr Charan’s clinic for her stitches removal before we head back to Singapore. Below are pictures taken on post-ops Day 5. it’s still swelling, we could not really determine the result if it’s what JJ’s want. But one thing, her alar definitely smaller alot.

Photo 19-6-019 Photo 19-6-021 Photo 19-6-018 Photo 19-6-022

Finally, I get to meet Dr Charan. He seem to be in his mids 50s, and he looks really so fatherly and gentle. I was like consulting him on a few surgeries, he looked at me and kept telling me “no you don’t need, you are already beautiful”. LOL… I should be happy, but…. from the whole conversation with him, I understand why JJ tell me he is too conservative for me. So yea, he is definitely not the doctor that I will go to. If you want drastic change, I would advise you not to go to him.

But if you are looking for a safe doctor, he is definitely one of them you should go to

Post-Ops 1 month

Now, JJ is post-ops 1 month. For herself, she wanted a higher bridge and she felt she couldn’t see much different from her pre-ops.

To me, I felt her nose now is more defined, tip and the curve of her nose looks more nicer.

Photo 30-6-015

Photo 30-6-016 Photo 30-6-017

Her ear also fully healed, with no scarring. :)

Photo 30-6-018

So now, what you all think of the final result? I believe everyone have their own individual view. ^^

photo 1 photo 2

Gaining Someone else Identity through Plastic Surgery ?

Recently, I came across a research site/blog about plastic surgery. The writer purpose was to understand and investigate the reasons behind, and how does it affect identity of a person who undergoing plastic surgery. Which I find really interesting, cox I had never thought of this questions before nor hearing much people discussing on identity issue.

When I was going through his/her research, I came across a write up on me. Same as well he got the similar questions below for me, which I felt I should really answer that to myself too.

“Most people when they decided on plastic surgery already have an idea what they want to look like afterwards or how they want to change their face/body. Emmeline Ang decided on a well known Asian model to be her inspiration. 

I’ve always been curious as to why people looked towards celebrities for plastic surgery inspiration. After reading her post about wanting to look similar or have some aspects that look similar to the model’s features made me question whether if the identity aspect of herself will change too. Although she didn’t answer or talk about any change to her identity but as a reader of her blog and a researcher on this topic, I couldn’t help but question if she is trying to gain someone else’s identity.”

*** Above from : http://engl1102tobecontin.weebly.com/blogs–forums.html

I set AngelaBaby as my inspiration, as I felt her features are almost perfect personally. From there I would roughly know what type of features, I would like to achieve. But as times goes by, slowly I would realize we can never achieve the exact look of somebody else. Who we set as inspiration, is just a reference.

Most people I know would bring photo of celebrities to the plastic surgeon, and tell them they want their certain feature. But the fact is the nose looks pretty on the celebrity, does not mean it will look pretty on us.

There was once a reader of mine show her plastic surgeon a celebrity photo, and told him she want to look exactly like her having the same nose and eyes. Guess what the plastic surgeon replied?

He said :

“In a world. there can be only a few celebrities. I have no magic making everyone a celebrity.”

Somehow you may think, hmmm this plastic surgeon should be not an experience surgeon so he say this. Honestly, this surgeon is a professor in plastic surgery.

We always have the wrong concept, due to most makeover reality TV show. They helps girls who are really deformed in their features, and they went through several major surgeries to achieve what you see after. They show us the before, immediate after surgery, 1 month and after 8 months. Did you really know in between this 8 months, how much they actually went through.

Downtime is the most horrible time for almost all plastic surgeries. Most people have the concept now I step into the clinic, and out I will look like an angel. Yes you may look very much prettier the before, but all these takes time. We can only determine the final result after 6 months for surgeries like, nose job, eye surgery, etc. For major surgeries like facial bone reconstructing, it will takes up to a year or more.

We really have to deal with the downtime, before start complaining our plastic surgeon didn’t do a good job. Which is something that I really cannot stand seeing people doing, cox this shows you are totally not mentally prepared. Even yes our plastic surgeon might failed the surgery, so deal with it. After all, it is our choice.

Basically, most people set too high expectation before they started.

Back to the writer’s question : “Am I trying to gain someone’s else identity?”

Of cox, I wish to look like AngelaBaby if I blindly doing plastic surgeries for the sake or following the trend. I know what I’m doing and what I am expecting, I would say I’m smarter here. If ever a day, I have such a major change that no one could recognized me, I’m very sure I am still me. So I don’t feel I’m gaining someone’s else identity, nor I want to.

Most people also commented that most of my after surgeries photo are with thick make up. Below is my most recent photo without any filter, make up, nor photoshop. In real life, I look exactly what you see in all my photo. I don’t photoshop much, max would be filter for most photo.

Resized Picture

Finally some advise to readers, who want to have plastic surgery done.

      • Do not set high expectation, and prepared yours might be a failed job. Revise when needed.
      • Be clear of the downtime, Be patient.
      • Be responsible for your choice, blaming plastic surgeons or clinics is the most irresponsible thing a person could do.
      • Reading of experiences from bloggers by me or others, it’s just a reference. Do not throw responsibility to anyone of us.
      • All plastic surgeons are not magicians, who can do wonders.

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